We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.

The son of a French crusader and Byzantine princess, Christian traveled extensively in his youth. After his parents died when he was just a boy, he was raised in the monastery his parents had endowed. Because of his intelligence, keen insights and willingness to help those imprisoned with him, he was dubbed the Abbot.

He is quiet and reflective, but deadly with a sword. He is a man of action and will not allow himself to be hemmed in. Because of that, he refuses to return to his homeland and spends his life on the road, traveling.

Most people think he is a monk, until they catch sight of the mail and spurs he wears beneath his robes. After losing all faith in the world, he is a restless, lonely spirit who is searching for a peace of mind that continues to elude him.

The Quinfortis are the five men to whom we owe everything. They pulled together and got us out alive and once we were free, they set up a network to help others escape and readjust to the world that had forgotten them.

Without their strength, their courage and most of all their heart none of us would be here today. We honor and pay tribute to them even though many of us don’t even know their real names.

They are:

The Wraith (Simon)
The Widowmaker (Stryder)
The Scot (?)
The Abbot (Christian)
El Sahhaar (The Sorcerer/Nassir)