Santa Wears Spurs


Original Publication Date: November 01, 2000

Setting: Old West

SANTA WEARS SPURS first appeared in the All I Want For Christmas anthology. It is now in Sherrilyn’s DARK BITES anthology collection and the Winter’s Night eBook collection.

Return to the Old West where an outlaw accidentally finds the woman he loved and left behind– and finds the best holiday surprise of his life. Written under the Kinley MacGregor name, this was the first anthology Sherri appeared in.

It’s currently one of the stories in the DARK BITES anthology and Winter’s Night ebook.


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The hero

  All O'Connell ever wanted was to settle down and raise a family, but his jaded past won't let him and so he was forced to give up everything that ever meant anything to him. Until an unexpected Christmas miracle brings him face to face with his past.
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The heroine

As a teenager, Catherine made the mistake of falling in love with what she thought was a good man. One who abandoned her for no reason and left her alone to raise their child. She wants nothing to do with him ever again. So why is he on her doorstep?
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