Love Bytes


Original Publication Date: November 01, 2000

Setting: Modern Nashville

Love Bytes is currently available in Sherrilyn’s Dark Bites anthology collection.

Adrian Cole is an overworked total computer geek who just wants his mother and sister to get a life while he does his job to the best of his abilities.

What he is about to get is the best makeover of his life.

It’s currently one of the stories in the DARK BITES anthology.


To order a copy of the story in a book, please see the Dark Bites page.




The hero

Adrian is an overworked programmer who heads the IT department of a major Fortune 500 company. With little time for himself, he has a quirky sense of humor and a secret crush on one of his employees. Adrian's color blindness was inspired by Sherrilyn's older brother who also could see no color whatsoever. Their mother would hang his clothes together so that they would match. Whenever Sherri would get angry at him, she'd mix his clothes up.
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The heroine

  Samantha is a typical woman working in an office who harbors a secret crush on her boss. It's one she would die before she betrayed it. Until fate steps in.
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