Silent Truth

BAD Agency™, Books Written With Dianna Love

Original Publication Date: April 20, 2010

Setting: Contemporary

Tough-as-nails Bureau of American Defense agent Hunter Thornton-Payne is no stranger to uncomfortable top-secret missions, but tonight takes the cake. He just needs to stick out a stuffy charity fundraiser long enough to find the ruthless assassin he’s hunted for four years. It’s a rogue operation, but Hunter’s got nothing to lose—until a beautiful brunette unexpectedly pulls him into her own dangerous agenda.

Abbie Blanton will do anything to find out why her healthy mother has become critically ill. When a high-profile heiress is shot as Abbie tries to blackmail her for the truth behind her mother’s mysterious illness, Abbie realizes she’s stumbled into an unforgiving conspiracy—and she’s the next target. She and Hunter discover an alarming connection that puts them at opposing goals as they begin a treacherous battle against an evil enterprise a secret organization will go to terrifying lengths to keep hidden. Death is inevitable for someone before it’s all over.

Survival comes down to choice. Her salvation or his redemption?

Only one can win and the assassin holds the best odds.




The hero

Hunter Wesley Thornton-Payne III has perfected the role of bored playboy, which allows him to operate as a covert agent for BAD where he moves silently among social circles gorged with old money, new money and the criminally desperate to join either rank. Growing up in a family that turned dysfunctional into a living art, Hunter holds his bachelor status closer than a lover and despises the media that feeds off anyone weak enough to give...
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