I talk to myself because I like dealing with a better class of people.

Hunter Wesley Thornton-Payne III has perfected the role of bored playboy, which allows him to operate as a covert agent for BAD where he moves silently among social circles gorged with old money, new money and the criminally desperate to join either rank. Growing up in a family that turned dysfunctional into a living art, Hunter holds his bachelor status closer than a lover and despises the media that feeds off anyone weak enough to give the jackals a sniff of blood. He attends a fundraiser for the Renaissance Women’s Center hosted by Chicago’s elite intending to pick up information from a mole on the inside of the dangerous Fratelli de il Sovrano organization. The night yields a bonus when he sees a man key to Hunter’s personal vendetta over a fallen agent. But first he has to find and terminate an assassin who is killing innocent Americans connected to an upcoming arms trade agreement ‘ such as Hunter’s family ‘ the UK prime minister opposes. BAD believes the assassin is an MI6 operative gone rogue then begins to question if he’s following orders. Hunter’s mission takes an unexpected turn when a woman he knew one memorable night in his past steps into the line of fire with her own agenda, wrecking a straightforward mission from one of protecting his country and family to saving the only woman to break down his defenses.

Look for me in...

Silent Truth