Born of Defiance

Nemesis Rising®, The League®

Original Publication Date: May 12, 2015


Setting: Ichidian Universe
#1 International Bestselling Series

Born an Outcast, Talyn Batur has spent the whole of his life fighting against the prejudice of his people. An Andarion without a father is not something anyone wants to be.

But when his companion’s brother draws him into a plot against the Andarion crown, he finds himself torn between the loyalty to their planetary government that his mother has beaten into him and his own beliefs of justice and right.

Now, he must decide for himself to remain a pawn of their government or to defy everything and everyone he’s ever known to stand up to tyranny. It’s a gamble that will either save his life or end it. And when old enemies align with new ones, it’s more than just his own life at risk. And more than just his homeworld that will end should he fail.






The hero

The only son of Galene Batur, Talyn is the second in command for the Andarion armada-- a position he didn't get by being nice. Through his prowess, loyalty and skills, he rose to become one of the youngest commissioned officers in Andarion history. Vicious and cold, he has a wicked sense of sarcasm and is lightning fast with his warsword. An Andarion war hero, he's not fond of other species and will not be defeated by anyone in battle or in the...
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The heroine

The contracted companion for Talyn, Felicia prefers to keep a very low profile. Having been badly burned in the past, she trusts no one with anything personal. Talyn is the only one who knows anything about her. And even he knows very little. The only thing that scares her is the future and the possibility that she'll wake up and be as bitter and resentful as her mother.
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