Sentella, The

Rebel Organization

Strong alone. Stronger together.

Nemesis rose to become a legendary assassin— One of the best The League ever trained. Until the day came when he saw himself for the monster he really was. No longer able to kill for profit at the command of a corrupt government who took money for lives, he hid his two targets, dug his League tracer from his body and walked away to become one of the most hunted men of all time.

With the help of his four friends and colleagues, he set up a rival organization, The Sentella to protect the innocent victims who were targeted by The League and other assassin virgyls. Each from a horrific past of their own, they refuse to standby as see innocence shattered and people killed. They will do what others fear to– protect those who cannot protect themselves.

While others live in fear, they fight back.

The Sentella High Command is made up of:

Nemesis = Nykyrian Quiakides

C.I. Syn

Akuma = Dancer Hauk

Kere = Darling Cruel

Shinikuri = Jayne Erixour

And they are assisted by: Maris Sulle, Safir Jari, Nero Scalera, Hadrian Erixour, Fain Hauk, and Ryn Dane (Cruel)