Born of Rebellion

Nemesis Dynasty™

Original Publication Date: January 12, 1992

From the #1 New York Times bestselling series The League® is the science fiction YA trilogy spin-off, Nemesis Dynasty.

Every Life Has A Price

Life on Andaria isn’t easy for anyone. A warrior-clan society, they have some of the highest tech in the Nine Worlds. They also have the highest mortality rate. Not from disease or war, but from their number one sport: Ring fighting. So-called the Splatterdome, it is the one place where Andarion youth can attain fame and earn their adulthood. Broken into two leagues, Vested and Open, it is as segregated as their society. For nothing is more valued in Andarion culture than bloodlines. Family, honor and blood are protected above all things.

Vested is reserved for those who can prove their lineage and who belong to the honorable clans. Open is for the riff-raff, or those born of other races.

Yet even though he’s forced into the Open league, Talyn Batur isn’t riff-raff. He is born of two of the strongest, most well-respected clans ever to grace Andarion soil. And had his father not been disowned before he married Talyn’s pregnant mother, Talyn would have been second only to the royal family in terms of respectability and privilege. 

The last thing anyone wants to be in Andarion society is labeled illegitimate. They’re considered a lower caste than even a slave. The only thing worse than such a nameless child, is being born to an Outcast father.

Instead of being one of the in-crowd, Talyn is a pariah to his peers who fear to even speak to him lest they share his tainted status. And since his father was branded a traitor, he feels responsible for his mother, and her fall from grace.

With all roads being closed to him, he conceives a bold, dangerous plan. He will defy the system that seeks to keep him down and he will use the one talent they can’t take from him. For his father did leave him with one gift.

He is a mighty War Hauk. The elite of the warrior clans, the Hauks have raised generations of famed Ring fighters. Before Talyn was born, his father was the Ring Leader of the Vested league. Undefeated and acclaimed.

And Talyn has inherited his father’s skills. Now his plan is to parlay his Ring abilities and be the first fighter in Andarion history to cross from Open to Vested and he intends to debunk societal rules and rewrite the very laws that seek to keep him down. 

No one tells a Hauk how to live.

He will win or he will die trying. No one and nothing will get in his way.


“Kenyon boldly goes where no author has gone before and claims yet another genre as her own. With her League series, she has created a new, addictive universe and proven herself the undisputed master of the cross-genre novel.”

Publishers Weekly




Young Talyn

The hero

The only son of Galene Batur, Talyn is the second in command for the Andarion armada-- a position he didn't get by being nice. Through his prowess, loyalty and skills, he rose to become one of the youngest commissioned officers in Andarion history. Vicious and cold, he has a wicked sense of sarcasm and is lightning fast with his warsword. An Andarion war hero, he's not fond of other species and will not be defeated by anyone in battle or in the...
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