Assassin Virgyls

Licensed Assassin Guilds

Every life has a price.

Guilds or Virgyls as they’re more commonly known in the Ichidian Universe are nothing new. When The League began allowing assassination as a legal form of trade, they quickly realized how much more money they could make if they hired out services and reserved their special trained assassins for particular assignments. As a result, a whole slew of groups grew up to become bounty hunters and assassins eager to make money off the new warrant system The League and the Nine Worlds implemented for their citizens. Some of these Virgyls such as Shahara’s Seaxes or Drake’s Kimmerian Corps are very respected and highly trained, but others such as the Tiradors and Boldorians are much less scrupulous and honest. Some of the worst are the Morlattes and Nizari who will stoop to all manner of corruption. 

The degree to which the freelancers are trained and supervised is dependent on their overseers and boards. But one thing is clear, if you are caught practicing the trade by The League and haven’t followed “their” dictates, laws or procedures, you will pay with your life. Their rules are absolute and there is no negotiation, forgiveness or leniency.

Since it’s impossible to have kill-targets and bounties all the time, as there are a lot of trained assassins in the universe, and some targets don’t pay that much and aren’t worth the trouble of bringing them in, it isn’t unusual for trained assassins, tracers and hunters to have a number of other jobs. Most are found as Tavali, Enforcers or even as entertainers or in public service jobs. No one ever knows when they might encounter someone who holds an assassin’s, tracer’s or hunter’s shield. It’s why those who are hunted, such as Jullien, are always on their toes. They could be anyone and they could be hiding any place, in any innocuous occupation. Then again, they might not even be part of a virgyl, they could be incees– independents who aren’t attached to any group and who work alone. You never know. And what level of hunter, assassin and tracer they are, is also up for grabs.

It makes life very interesting, indeed.