Born of Blood

Eve of Destruction™, Nemesis Rising®, The League®

Original Publication Date: August 23, 2022


Setting: Trisani Empire
#1 International Bestselling Series


The story Paladins have been begging for . . .


Jayne Erixour believes she knows everything about the universe. As a bounty hunter and assassin, she’s seen the worst dregs of humanity and every sentient species ever spat out of a hell realm. To her, there is no truth outside of her blaster’s recoil and her resolve to let no one get too close.

Hadrian Scalera is on the run from the same brutal assassins who slaughtered every member of his family, both birth and foster. He has no refuge and no one he dares to call friend, as it will mean the end of them. He expects no mercy from anyone, until the day one assassin hesitates to pull the trigger.

An assassin’s code is simple: Kill or be killed. No prey, no pay. Every life has a price.

If Jayne doesn’t fulfill her contract and kill Hadrian, she’ll be the next target on the League’s menu. But as old enemies return to hunt them both, they quickly learn that neither will survive unless they can learn to trust each other. Yet things are never so simple and survival means only one of them can be left standing . . .

**Please note that Born of Blood is NOT out of print or OUT OF STOCK. 

*Sherri apologizes for the delay in getting her books out. For those who haven’t heard, her life was torn apart during her insane divorce by an out-of-control judge and a corrupt judicial system that held her and her family hostage for more than two years and left her bankrupt and without a place to live while threatening to take away everything from her, including all her book rights, her freedom, and to force her to write for free to pay the unimaginable legal fees of those who were torturing her. Thankfully, her publisher is still behind her, but it will take some time for her to get back on a “normal” publishing schedule. Please be patient as Sherri and her publisher work together to get the books her fans love back into production and out to the fans who have been so eagerly waiting for them. As soon as we have release dates for them, we will let everyone know. 



The hero

Also known as Jayne's other half, Hadrian prefers to stay in the background and be seen rather than heard. But don't mistake his silence or quiet nature for weakness. Remember, the lorina lies low, not from fear, but for aim. There's a lot more to him than anyone knows and there's a reason why he prefers to give Jayne the floor and applaud her achievements from the sidelines.
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The heroine

  Fast, beautiful and lethal, Jayne takes no prisoners and leaves no one standing. She is the darkness that strikes fear in to the heart of all men and women who are unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of her blade.
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