Tavali High Admiral

People will stop asking you questions if you answer back in interpretive dance.

Very, very little is known about Trajen Dane Thaumarturgus. He came into the Tavali as a teenager under the reign and adoption of Travelyan Dane (the father of Hermione “Kirren” Dane) and quickly rose to the rank of Tavali commander. Turning Rogue immediately, he left the Wasternum nation, and in one of the bloodiest takeovers in Tavali history, he defeated Valden Davers in the Calibrim for the rank of High Admiral & Presidium of the Gorturnum nation.

Since then, he’s lived more as a phantom and myth. Most only deal with his commanders. If you come under his attention, you don’t live long enough to regret your blunder. The only things sharper than the strange Andarion warsword he carries are his witticisms and battle skills.