A bee will knowingly risk its own life just to cause you a little pain. I can totally relate to that feeling.

A member of the Gorturnum Nation, Dagger has a price on his head that is truly staggering. With no family or past that he will discuss with anyone, he has survived by his wits and skills, and with a wicked sense of sarcasm that should be registered as a lethal weapon. He is not what he seems and should never be underestimated. He, alone, has earned Trajen’s trust and survived a treacherous past that would have killed a lesser being.

We all know that Dagger Samari is an alias, but no one dares to ask what his real name is. The last one who tried to find out was gutted for the effort. If asked, all he’ll say is that he was born the day he met Ushara. Nothing before that afternoon matters to him or is worth remembering. Though rumors abound, he will neither confirm nor deny anything about his past. He is one of the greatest mysteries in a Nation that prides itself on being an enigma to all.