Kill them all and let the gods sort them out.

The epitome of a bloodthirsty queen who murdered half her family to take her throne, Eriadne has never taken pity on anyone. She expects only the best and ruthlessly punishes anything less. She is unyielding and unflinching. The best thing to do is stay out of her sight. Should you ever happen to come under her attention, don’t turn your back. Withdraw as graciously and quickly as possible. There’s a reason why Aros never fought her for custody of his son. He knew better. But sadly, it left Jullien trapped beneath her bitter and brutal thumb . . .

Yet out of all their family, Jullien alone was the only one who ever found the temerity to stand up to her in order to keep her from killing his mother as she did his brother.

And he paid a very steep price for that brave stupidity . . .

After all, the worst scars are never the ones that show on the flesh, but rather the ones that are branded deep within the heart and soul.