There are several people in this world that I find obnoxious and you are all of them.

Fraternal twin brother to Nykyrian, Jullien is his most bitter enemy. In fact, the only thing saving his life is that Nykyrian doesn’t want to make his mother weep. Their enmity stems from an early childhood rivalry of jealousy that Jullien readily admits to. While Jullien might have been the more Andarion in appearance, his mother doted on Nykyrian because he favored their father.

Seen as arrogant, spoiled and infected with a sense of entitlement, Jullien isn’t tolerated by much of anyone, except himself.   But unlike Nykyrian, he is much more acceptable to their Andarion people. So long as he wears tinted glasses, he will pass for one of them and not look human. Yet things are not always what they seem. And his glasses hide a lot more than just his half-human eyes. Just as his rigid arrogance is a front against the open hostility he endures from his grandmother who despises his human genes and his aunt and mother who hold against him his unfortunate birth defect that left him a virtual doppelganger for their brother who tried to murder them in their youth.

An outsider in his own family, he has done his best to sidestep, bypass and survive the assassins and treasonous political intrigue that has surrounded him since the day he was born.

From Jullien's Blog

November 14, 2021

Feast of Heroes

I think Shara is trying to kill me. But I love every minute of it. WTF is wrong with Andarions that they put all their important holidays in the span of one week? WTF is wrong with my family that they, too, celebrate every...

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