The nice thing about being single is I’m always there when I need me.

The illegitimate son of Drux Cruel and Hermione “Kirren” Dane–a Tavali pirate, Ryn grew up split between the world of his mother and that of his regal father. While he loved his father, he despised living with him. Not only did Ryn have an angry stepmother who hated his guts to contend with, his uncle was no prize either. His father ran interference as best he could, but because of his duties, his father wasn’t around much.

As soon as Ryn was able, he ran from his father’s home to live with his mother’s people and learn their ways. But he had a lot of guilt over the fact that he’d left his younger half-siblings in a bad situation, especially Darling who was the prime target of their uncle’s disdain.

But what haunts him most is the one and only fight he had with Darling. One that left a nasty reminder neither of them can forget. While they are still friendly, their relationship never recovered from harsh words and even harsher actions.

Then again, life is nothing but regret. It’s for that reason he swears he will never have a family of his own. He only wants to worry about himself, and no one else.