What I lack in good decisions, I make up for with inappropriate behavior.

Born on St. Hestia’s Day, Mack came into the world while her father was in the middle of a vicious fight against authorities who were trying to capture him on the sacred Tavalian holiday. It’s said her mother continued to occupy her battle-station, without missing a single shot, until after the fighting had stopped, and didn’t cut the cord on her daughter until they were sure they were all safe. With such an auspicious and dramatic birth, it was only natural that Mack would become one of the most hot-headed and remarkable pilots ever trained in our Nation. She is her parents’ pride and joy . . . and their eternal ulcer.

Headstrong and fierce, she yields for no one. The only one who can even begin to curb her actions is her beloved younger brother, and only because she refuses to do any lasting damage to him. Everyone else needs to clear her path. But should you ever fall under her protection, there is nothing she won’t do to keep you safe. Her crew is her family and they are as loyal to her as she is to them.