Until Death We Do Part

Entire Dark-Hunters®/Hunter Legends Series, Were-Hunters®

Original Publication Date: May 01, 1985

Setting: Transylvania, Romania

Until Death We Do Part first appeared in an anthology in September 2006. It is now available as a standalone ebook and in print in the DARK BITES anthology .

The only thing worse than being Dracula’s only daughter is falling in love with his bitterest enemy– a dark sorcerer warlord whose powers make a mockery of the legendary monster known for impalement and massacre. Forced to flee her father’s wrath over her secret marriage, Esperetta is willing to sacrifice anything for Velkan Danesti, until she learns that he’s tied their immortal souls together without her permission– a lesson she doesn’t learn until after her father kills them and her husband sells both their souls to a Greek goddess and makes them eternal Dark-Hunters sworn to protect mankind from the demons who prey on them.

Now after living centuries apart, they must come together to fight an old enemy– that is if Retta doesn’t kill Velkan first.

It’s currently one of the stories in the DARK BITES anthology and in the Winter’s Night ebook. It’s also available as a standalone ebook

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The hero

Velkan was the illegitimate son of a Hungarian princess and a Moldavian prince who like the infamous Vlad Dracul was a member of the Order of the Dragon. Velkan grew up at his father's side, fighting invaders. His brothers were captured and enslaved by their enemies when he was thirteen and it was rumored that Velkan (who was believed to be a sorcerer) had been taken too, but rather than be turned into a slave, he sold his soul to the devil...
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The heroine

The daughter of Dracula, Esperetta grew up isolated in a nunnery in the Caucasus. From the moment of her birth, it was decided that she would be a gift to the Church to atone for her father's sins and Retta had no desire for anything else. Until the day Velkan saved her from a fate worse than death. She fell instantly in love with the handsome warrior prince. There was nothing she wanted more than to spend eternity with her...
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