Till death we do part... Ladies, read the fine print!

The daughter of Dracula, Esperetta grew up isolated in a nunnery in the Caucasus. From the moment of her birth, it was decided that she would be a gift to the Church to atone for her father’s sins and Retta had no desire for anything else.

Until the day Velkan saved her from a fate worse than death. She fell instantly in love with the handsome warrior prince. There was nothing she wanted more than to spend eternity with her husband.

Until she got to know him better. Unfortunately, then it was too late. She learned that his reputation for sorcery and treachery was well-earned. He was brutal to everyone around him, except her. She couldn’t stand his heathen ways and his failure to show compassion and mercy to his enemies.

Worst of all, he tricked her into becoming a Dark-Hunter with him and she learned that there was more to their marriage vows than simple words.

She hates him to this day and has vowed to never again lay eyes on him. She now runs a law firm and specializes in prenuptial agreements.


Look for me in...

Until Death We Do Part