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Original Publication Date: August 03, 2004

Setting: Modern New Orleans

Bride McTierney has had it with men. They’re cheap, self-centered, and never love her for who she is. But though she prides herself on being independent, deep down she still yearns for a knight in shining armor. She just never expected her knight in shining armor to have a shiny coat of fur…

Deadly and tortured, Vane Kattalakis isn’t what he seems. Most women lament that their boyfriends are dogs. In Bride’s case, hers is a wolf. A Were-Hunter wolf. Wanted dead by his enemies, Vane isn’t looking for a mate. But the Fates have marked Bride as his. Now he has three weeks to either convince Bride that the supernatural is real or he will spend the rest of his life neutered–something no self-respecting wolf can...

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The Hero: Vane

One of six children, Vane holds a dangerous secret that would get him killed if his pack ever learned it. He was born of a forbidden union and has spent his life trying to protect his siblings who were never fully accepted by their patria. He is fully aware of the fact that every minute he lives will most likely be his last. Hunted by the Arcadians and condemned by the Katagaria, Vane is resolute in his protection of Fang and Anya. He is a...

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The Heroine: Bride

  Bride has finally come to terms with the fact that her knight in shining armor came with a nice,  shiny coat of fur... The beloved wife of Vane, she is the unofficial female leader of the Kattalakis pack. Because wolves are pack animals, her house is always full of different wolves. But that's all right. She loves having such a large, extended family.

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  • Nick DH (Spoiler Alert)

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  • Marvin

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  • The Howlers

  • Sanctuary

  • (A)SK Sherrilyn

  • Hellhounds

  • Dante's Inferno

  • Skoti

  • Chthonian

  • Dark-Hunter

  • Dream-Hunter

  • Were-Hunter

The Story Behind The Story

Though many of Sherri's heroines are "normal" size or a little overweight, Bride was the first one where she made real mention of it. Since it was a vital part of Bride's character and is something that bothers her, there was no way to write the novel without it being an issue. It's one of the things that made the readers love the book.

Night Play is another book that is listed as an all time fan favorite. Vane is one of the top heroes of the series.

The song that Vane sings to Bride is The Story of Us by Neil Diamond.

Here are the lyrics:

The story of my life is very plain to read

It starts the day you came

And ends the day you leave

The story of my life begins and ends with you

The names are still the same

And the story's still the truth

I was alone.

You found me waiting and made me your own

I was...

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Hear it from the Fans

A friend gave me "Night Play" to read. OMG!!!! I couldn't stop reading! This books made me cry; laugh; cus and cheer! My husband and kids really thought that I was losing my mind! I can't wait to go out and buy the entire series! Gillian

Gillian Ferguson, September 6, 2014

Well in reading Night Play again (this time to my g/f in Cali (long distance relationships suck) I found an error in the MPB (Mass Paper-Back) version of the book (Page 325 on the last line of the page it says FANG sat up ( but it should probably be FURY (since he was in the car with Vane, Bride and Cujo (the dog from the McTierney house)

Jeremy, September 21, 2013

    Thanks. We've known about that one for awhile. Sherri caught it before it was even pubbed and somehow the tech editor let it go through anyway.

    MB_Staff, September 21, 2013

I wonder what happened to Vane's parents? Did they forgive each other or do they still hate each other?

Chamaine, August 20, 2013

There was a typo, I don't recall now which page... It was something that Fang said, the thing is, Fang was in his Coma when he said it... hence, he couldn't have said it, it was supposed to be Fury not Fang.. I was astonished that no one noticed it. I reread the whole page again to make sure it wasn't my mind playing tricks. and it wasn't. That being said, the book is awesome! like all the other 23 DH books :D read every single one of them. And all I can say is well done, and keep that beautiful imagination going! I can't wait for more books!

Bella, December 3, 2012

    Sherri actually caught it before the book came out and for some reason, it didn't get corrected in the final edition. You can read about it under bloopers.

    Carl, MB Staff, January 4, 2013

I want to read more about Trinity. Bride gets a were-hunter, so why not give her sister a paranormal lover too? What Trinity said to Bride at Thanksgiving, though inspired by a broken heart, was so haughty and misguided. She needs a mended heart. I think it might be interesting to get inside the head of the gotta-be-perfect-pagent-queen-pressured-world. And I think it might be fun to introduce a bewildered prep into the less... erm... orthodox world.

Chrissy, November 4, 2012

    You mean Dierdre?

    Carl, MB Staff, November 5, 2012

This is my all time favorite book being the heroine is actually realalistically proportioned and it shows that a hot guy can fall for a women size 10 to 18. Since my own weight tends to flucuate between these sizes I guess I identify with Bride more than most. It is what makes this series so wonderful it covers all body types and shapes and sizes not every women is unrealistically skinny with huge boobs. Of course there is all the action and intrigue it is a wild ride from start to finish in each book! The characters are so real they jump off the page and run around! Thank you for making a world for all of us women not just the perfect ones!

Rachel Smith, August 22, 2012

Awesome book, love Vane and Bride...really need a video of Vane and Bride to go with their song from Neil Diamond..love that she is a normal size women and Vane likes that.

Mari, April 11, 2012

Where can I get my own Vane?!?! lol

Crystal, April 10, 2012

I fell in love with Vane as soon as he appeared in Talon's book...ahh sob. I love the 3 brothers and all their humor and hottness!!

Bobbi Jo, March 15, 2012

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