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Original Publication Date: May 25, 2010

Setting: Modern New Orleans

At 14, Nick Gautier is an average kid who runs with the wrong crowd. But on the night he decides to go straight and refuses to mug an innocent tourist, his crew turns on him and just as he thinks his life is over… a new one begins.

Kyrian of Thrace isn’t just a vampire slayer, he’s a Dark-Hunter and he introduces Nick to a world that he never imagined.

With new enemies who make his old ones look like wimps, Nick must either measure up or get sized for a body bag. It’s kill or be killed and this kid who was born on the wrong side finds a strength inside him that he never knew existed.

Now if he can only find someone to help battle the demons that don’t reside inside...

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The Hero: Nick (CON)

My name is Nick Gautier and this is the story of my life. First off, get the name right. It's pronounced Go-shay not Go-tee-ay or Goat-chay (that has an extra H in it and as my mom says we're so poor we couldn't afford the extra letter). I'm not some fancy French fashion designer. I'm just a regular kid... well as regular as someone with a stripper for a mother and a career felon for a father can be. But as my mom so often says friends are...

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  • Artemis

  • Virgil

  • Ambrose (Contains Spoilers)

  • Ian

  • Kyl (CON)

  • Acheron

  • Adarian

  • Kyrian

  • Liza

  • Madaug

  • Mark

  • Menyara

  • Nekoda

  • Nick (CON)

  • Rosa

  • Simi

  • Stone (CON)

  • Stryker

  • Tad

  • Talon

  • The Fates

  • Virgil

  • Alex Peltier

  • Brynna (CON)

  • Bubba

  • Caleb

  • Carl

  • Casey

  • Cherise

  • Eric

  • Julian

  • Tabitha

  • Phil Poitiers

  • Sraosha

  • (A)SK Sherrilyn

  • Nick's Grimoire

The Story Behind The Story

Chronicles of Nick is a series Sherri wanted to write for a long time. Fans kept asking for a series they could share with their children. Plus it allows the Dark-Hunter fans to see how Nick grew up and became the "man" he is in the series.

But the real catalyst happened the day Sherri's oldest son came home from school lamenting over his reading list. "I swear, Mom, if I have to read one more girl book, I'm going to start ovulating. I can't take it anymore. Write me something with a teenage guy who isn't a jerk. Do you know how hard it is to discuss books in class about how all men are pigs and then try to ask a girl out? It's horrifying."

Sherri promised him she would. She wanted to create a series that both males and females could enjoy equally. Something with a lot of adventure, snappy comebacks, and sarcasm so sharp, it should be registered as a lethal weapon....

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Hear it from the Fans

Love this book SO much! I can't wait to read the next one. Also, i must read the dark hunter series!

Kaitlyn, February 27, 2012

I was just randomly looking for books when I stumbled upon this amazing novel. I found much releif in the fact that Nick wasn't a total jerk. He gave guys a better rep. Thanks!

Ian, February 19, 2012

i loves her books they are so awesome!

DESTINY WOLF, December 15, 2011

I Love your Dark_Hunter Series. There is something in this series for every paranormal fan, and I appreciate all the humor you add to the story lines. You are Awesome!!!

Joyce Sutton, December 11, 2011

Does anyone know when the TV series comes out? and I'm in love with Nick Gautier <3

monica, December 10, 2011

Just started this series, barely a few chapters in but I'm loving it! I'll admit I wasn't going to read this cause Im a dark-hunter fan, buut I like it,seriously confused but awsm!

Ruby, November 23, 2011

Oh! As a side note: All I did was see that there was a series about Nick.. I did not read the site further.. Just ran out to buy it. That is why I did not know to look in the TEEN.

LDYDARKHORSE, November 15, 2011

This series is in the TEEN SECTION!! Just FYI. I went looking through the Romance section and ended up getting a B&N employee to help me find them.

LdyDarkHorse, November 15, 2011

Love the Chronicles of Nick. Curious about her other books but as I guy I fear I will have same issue as her son. To girly. Are they worth checking out as a guy?

AJ Nicholson, October 6, 2011

Didn't want to get involved with Nicks series but per usual I got dragged in!!! When are these going to start coming out in reg paperback?

Sue, September 29, 2011

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