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Original Publication Date: February 07, 2017

A fate worse than death . . .

Bastien Cabarro survived the brutal slaughter of his entire family only to have his wife pin their murders on him. Made Ravin by The League, he is now a target for their assassins-in-training to hunt and kill. The average life expectancy for such beings is six weeks. But defying the odds is what this Gyron Force officer does best, and Bastien won’t rest until he lays his betrayers in their graves.

Ten years later, he has one chance to balance the scales of justice, provided he relies on his former wingman— the very sister of the woman who testified against him.

Major Ember Wyldestarrin joined the outlaw Tavali the day Kirovar fell into the hands of a tyrant, and she and her sister-team were left on an outpost to die under the barrage of...

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The Hero: Bastien

The youngest and most spoiled and beloved son of the Kirovarian emperor, Bastien had one goal in life: to be the screw up playboy who gave his family something interesting to talk about at cocktail parties. It was a role he relished until the day his family was overthrown in a violent military coup. Framed for their murders, he was marked as a Ravin by The League and cast out to be hunted as a prize trophy by their...

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The Heroine: Ember

Ember was born into the middle of an elite military family. One of six daughters, she knew from the cradle that her destiny would be to follow her parents into the armada and to defend Kirovar with every breath she drew. But when the Kirovarian royal house falls  and she finds herself, and her sisters left for dead by the new regime after the tyrant kills her parents, she knows nothing will ever be the same again. With no home, no income,...

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  • Jullien

  • Maris

  • Nero

  • Nykyrian

  • Sphinx

  • Syn

  • Taryn Quiakides

  • Thia

  • Tiernan

  • Zarina

  • Zarya

  • Caillen

  • Chayden

  • Darling

  • Fain

  • Hauk

  • Jayce

  • Jayne

  • Kalea

  • Drakari

  • Ryn

  • Kyr

  • Saf

  • Sumi

  • Vidarri

  • (A)SK Sherrilyn

  • Darice

  • Bastien

  • Cezar

  • Cairistiona

  • Aros

  • Galene

  • Talyn

  • Keris

  • Trajen

  • Ushara

  • Dagger

  • Mack

  • Jupiter

  • Thraix

  • Ember

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Hear it from the Fans

Love this series but I love every creation from Sherrilyn.

rachael, December 4, 2016

I love this series. I can not wait for Born of Vengeance to come out. I have read this series so many time, I can almost tell the stories by heart. Peggy, Nov 17/16

Peggy Cooper, November 17, 2016

Wow, just read the excerpts and I am thinking I will like this book very much.

NanDia, November 15, 2016

I am loving all the books. Especially in this series. I have had to read all at least twice. Darling's as well as last three I have had to read 4 times. Once audio book is used as well. Aside from wanting a book on Jaden in another series I am hoping to read more of Nero as well as the children leading up to Born of Ice. Where we hear of Starla amongst others. Will definitely want more of everything to fill the gaps as well as to continue after Born of Ice. Never get tired of it. Except waiting on it.

David Owens, November 3, 2016

In which book will Darion (DJ) be born in? Just curious.

Krista Clemons, October 31, 2016

With Darlings brother have his own book??? I would love that

Madison Wheaton, October 7, 2016

    Sherri's stock answer is "if he doesn't die."

    Carl, MB Staff, October 31, 2016