When a woman says nothing is wrong, it's time to get scared and run.

Sumi never speaks about her past. She believes what’s done is done and now it’s killing time. She seldom speaks to anyone. Her dream life is one where she’s the sole survivor on a remote planet everyone thinks is contaminated. If she could, she’d never interact with people. Her best friends are her blaster and her dagger.

Her bitterness was bought for a steep price and she didn’t become an assassin by choice. She virulently hates the entire Hauk family for very personal reasons. She is alone in this world, except for one person. It is for her, alone, that she kills and will continue to do so, so long as there is breath in her body.

From Sumi's Blog

December 02, 2015

Ganys Traexerizan!

The fun things you learn when you adopt a new culture. Andarions like their celebrations. A lot. The War Hauks in particular like to throw down with the best of them. After the week long celebrations last month, I thought we were...

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