1/4 Andarion-3/4 human

I have PMS, a blaster and am trained to kill. Now what were you saying?

Nykyrian’s eldest daughter by the daughter of Ambassador Brill (Driana).   Thia grew up without knowing anything about her birth father. If that wasn’t bad enough, she was forced to live with him, a complete stranger, after her mother was murdered by her step-father (the adoptive brother of her birth father).

To their credit, her father and stepmother loved her as if she was their own, and accepted her as their child. But it never felt right to her. And while she was a part of the family, there was an emptiness inside that wouldn’t go away.

Seeking her place in the world, she decided to head out on her own.

No one has seen her since.

Thia’s view of her father from Born of Fury:

Excuse me? Have you met my father? The man who smiles with a grimace and has perpetual PMS and an itchy trigger finger? Try dating with that… Why yes, hon, my father is the legendary killer with a higher body count than the top three League assassins combined. No, he’s not planning to eat you or hide your body, dear, that’s his version of a smile and yes, we’re all well aware of the fact that he looks like he’s in pain when he does it. Just don’t make any sudden moves and you might live long enough to get to the door.