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Original Publication Date: February 08, 2018

Mack Hinto came into the world in the middle of a vicious firefight— it’s said her own mother refused to leave her battle-station or cut the cord to her daughter until after they were safely away from the authorities out to end them. She’s happily lived her life in danger and turmoil ever since.

As a member of the Septurnum Tavali, Mack knows the face of her enemy like the back of her hand. So when she sees a chance to avenge her family’s honor by figuratively blackening Ryn Dane’s eye and stealing his Wasturnum cargo, she seizes it. What she never expects is the lengths the competing Tavali captain will go to, to reclaim his cargo . . . and his dignity.

The illegitimate son of the queen of a pirate guild and a murdered aristocrat, Ryn Dane has always been torn between two worlds and...

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The Hero: Ryn

The illegitimate son of Drux Cruel and Hermione "Kirren" Dane--a Tavali pirate, Ryn grew up split between the world of his mother and that of his regal father. While he loved his father, he despised living with him. Not only did Ryn have an angry stepmother who hated his guts to contend with, his uncle was no prize either. His father ran interference as best he could, but because of his duties, his father wasn't around much. As soon as Ryn...

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The Heroine: Mack

Born on St. Hestia's Day, Mack came into the world while her father was in the middle of a vicious fight against authorities who were trying to capture him on the sacred Tavalian holiday. It's said her mother continued to occupy her battle-station, without missing a single shot, until after the fighting had stopped, and didn't cut the cord on her daughter until they were sure they were all safe. With such an auspicious and dramatic birth, it was...

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  • Jullien

  • Adron

  • Maris

  • Nero

  • Nykyrian

  • Shahara

  • Syn

  • Taryn Quiakides

  • Thia

  • VIK II

  • Zarya

  • Caillen

  • Chayden

  • Darling

  • Desideria

  • Devyn

  • Fain

  • Hauk

  • Jayne

  • Kalea

  • Kasen

  • Kiara

  • Drakari

  • Ryn

  • Kyr

  • Saf

  • Sumi

  • Ture

  • Vidarri

  • Darice

  • Terek

  • Bastien

  • Cezar

  • Felicia

  • Cairistiona

  • Galene

  • Talyn

  • Venik

  • Circe

  • Qorach

  • Morra

  • Tylie

  • Hadrian

  • Kirren

  • Trajen

  • Gavarian

  • Ushara

  • Dagger

  • Mack

  • Thraix

  • Kareem

  • Gallatin

  • Strife

  • Ember

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Hear it from the Fans

In BOL Jullien said Ryn avoided him and the entire Andarion royal family while he lived at the Caronese palace. Will BOT explain why?

Kadora, July 16, 2016

    It's already been explained. Ryn was never much into politics or royal duty. Once Darling was born, he relegated that to his brother and took up with the Tavali. That's what he and Darling fought over. Ryn avoided all royalty, except his siblings. He had no use for any of them.

    Carl, MB Staff, July 16, 2016

I imagine that Natale hates/hated him because Drux loved Hermione and he is the first born child. He stated that he turned down the Regent as he didn't want to be involved in the politics and he probably wanted to stay with his mom.

NanDia, July 15, 2016