"Destruction is good for my soul, but it sucks to be you."

The Goddess of Life, Death and Wisdom, Apollymi is the daughter of Chaos (the formless matter that birthed the universe) and Zenobi (the Atlantean north wind). She holds many epitaphs including: The Destroyer, The Bringer, The Giver, Biosia (Life), Thanata (Death), Magosa (Wisdom), and Fonia (The Killer).

Capricious and vain, she is the most powerful of all the Atlantean gods and can only be controlled by her half-brother and husband, Archon. She travels in the wind and can strike down her victims in an instant. It is said those who are about to die by her hand can glimpse her blond hair swirling in the mist a second before they die and at the instant of their death, the last vision they hold is her merciless pale swirling eyes.

A goddess of contradictions, she tends to be loving and kind in one breath and then brutal and cold in the next. No one, not even her husband, is safe from her...

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Will Apollymi ever get free and be able to see Acheron?

If she is freed, the world ends. I keep trying to come up with another solution, but so far... It doesn't look good for us :)

Is there something between Apollymi and Savitar?

Yes. It's called hatred and it has to do with a mistake Savitar made centuries ago. That being said, she was never disloyal to her husband, Archon. In spite of his infidelities, she loved Archon right up to the moment she turned him to stone.

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Hear it from the Fans

It's said that Apollyami had anot her child, is there ever going to be info on what happened?

Shannon, August 19, 2015

Okay someone else asked this question and it got me thinking, why is Apollymi not dead. She swore to kill both Arti and Apollo and yet when Apollo is standing in front of him she does not kill him. I was under the impression that since she was an Atlantean goddess she had to kill him.

Chrisgodde, August 15, 2015

    She did not specify when she would kill him.

    Carl, MB Staff, August 17, 2015

i love your storys. acheron and styxx is the best. i first read devil may cry.i live to just get lost in these storys.and would love for more books with acheron and styxx and all there family to come out.i m dying to read more bout them! make the book 10,000 pages! i never want the story to end! :)

amy, June 29, 2015

I bet Apollymi is Braith...

Savannah, March 31, 2015

SPOILER WARNING I see her other child is not listed, can you please explain what happend?

Jack Chkifati, March 31, 2015

    Sherri will be releasing that story very soon.

    MB_Staff, April 2, 2015

I would love to know what happened between Savitar and Apollymi.

Christine Worthington, February 21, 2015

Will there b a movie 1 day

David, January 14, 2015

Would it be possible for Apollymi to get her own book? And I see how her name comes from "Apollyon".

Renee, December 5, 2014