"What goes up must come sideways."

The daughter of Leto and Zeus, Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo. She is the goddess of the hunt, childbirth, fertility and plagues, and she is associated with the moon. Most modern legends portray her as a virginal goddess, however in ancient Greek writings she was a dichotomy. While she was called virginal and shown to be such in some works, she was also shown to be a lover of many Greek heroes including Orion and even of her own twin brother, Apollo.

In the context of the DH mythos, she is a primary goddess who rules over all the Dark-Hunters.

When the Apollites were cursed by Apollo, they were taken in by the goddess Apollymi who showed them how to steal human souls to circumvent Apollo’s decree. Now called Daimons, they turned against mankind. Apollo sought his sister’s aid in handling them. For reasons unknown, Artemis went to Acheron (common belief is that he was a...

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Will Artemis ever have her own book?

I don't know. She's one of those characters that I can't forgive at the moment. While I feel badly for her, it's not so much that I want to redeem her. We will see.

What is up with Artemis and Nick? Are they going to get together?

I can't comment on their relationship as Artemis might hurt me. All I can say is, it's not the same dynamics as she had with Acheron. They have a unique friendship.

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Hear it from the Fans

I would like to hear Artemis story. I think it would be interesting to see her side of the story. I mean I used to hate Styxx but now he is one of my favorite characters. I would to see her point of view. And I am all for Nick and Simi!!

Ruby, January 2, 2015

let artemis and nick have their happy ending they might stab each others backs but they still have each others backs, I think they would be cute together rand would complement each other.

aaliyah, November 27, 2014

Nick and Simi anyone? That is if acheron will allow it this time :/

Twist, November 9, 2014

I have never disliked a character as much as I dislike Artemis! Great job on maintaining her evil outlook while giving her a few freckles of humanity (for a goddess, that's rare)

Tia, October 18, 2014

I believe that Artemis shouldn't go with nick but should have her own book

Kaysee, April 23, 2014

Hey! What's up with all these totally negative comments! It's a book character! She can change from selfish to completely humble and loving in a heartbeat. That's the fun part about reading books. It's all in the mind of the author. BTW- Did you guys read Inferno where she went out and talked about how she had been a selfish coward all along. She went out and unleashed bravery for what was right! Sherrilyn, you can do whatever you want to happen with Artemis's love life. With a little bit of psychology and wordplay, you can have all your fans shaking in anticipation for what is going to happen in Artemis's love life.

Happy time, April 11, 2014

After reading STYXX, i have a new appreciation for the depth of forgiveness. Off all the Character that i have read about in the series so far i think the one that should never be forgiven is Apollo. I gain a new understanding as to why Artemis is the way she is, and how can blame he when she has a sibling like Apollo. i think on her own Artemis will continue to make mistakes that will drive away those that she loves, however is she was to become involved with Nick she can truly learn to love herself and, in tern others. None of the Characters in the series so far have proven them selves to be above making mistakes, therefore Artemis should be given a chance at love. Acheron and Staxx are not the only one that the world has been cruel to, at least if she does not end up with Nick reunite her with Orion.

Tamika Barrett, April 11, 2014

Stopping by to see if their are any new updates on Artemis. I hope we get a book soon, I want to know the whole story around Artie. She is an amazing character and she deserves a happy life. I know Artie can be difficult but when she loves, she will see no wrong with doing everything possible to protect her loved ones.

adoore, March 24, 2014

I would like to see Artemis in her own story. Have her hit rock bottom like Acheron and feel some misery. But not Nick. I would like to see Nick reconciled with Acheron and find a nice girl. It would be so ironic if Acheron had a sister, sister-in-law or daughter and Nick fell for her. Great twist.

CT Jacobs, February 17, 2014