"Don't knock on the devil's door unless you want me to open it. Remember, omni rosae spina."


I would say I like to crochet, but that implies a soft side which I lack grotesquely. The best thing to say is that I’m the biggest disappointment my father has ever known- which is really good for you humans.

The… entity had great plans for me. Too bad. I’m no one’s bitch. I don’t come on command and I don’t fetch. What I do is kick the culo loco of anyone who gets near me showing anything other than utmost respect and fear.

Yeah, I am that guy. I don’t care if you like me. I don’t care if you hate me. But you will get out of my way, speed bump. And you better do it fast. You see, I wasn’t born in this time or place. I came of age at a time when it was kill or be killed. You either ate the monkey or the monkey played bells with your skeleton.

The good news is, I’ve stood strong for a long time. The bad...

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Hear it from the Fans

In son of No one Thorn told Jaden Noir didn't know about Cadegan but in Invision we learn Noir's been using Cadegan to threaten Thorn

Edward, June 21, 2016

    He wasn't telling Jaden the truth. There's a reason for that. Not all characters are honest. And Thorn is famous for being dishonest. He's still lying to Cadegan. You have to trust that Sherri does these things for a reason and she always tells what that reason is in future books.

    Carl, MB Staff, June 21, 2016

Is Thorn an Adanc demon like Cadegan? If not, which "breed" is he?

Mikael, May 21, 2016

    As Sherri said in the book, each demon as a form within them. She hasn't revealed all of Thorn yet.

    Carl, MB Staff, June 6, 2016

I thought that in Son of No One, Thorn finally revealed that he did have a son, Cadegan, who believed Thorn to be his brother.

Sandra, May 15, 2016

    That is a spoiler and only the reader knows that. Thorn still hasn't told anyone else the truth of the matter.

    Carl, MB Staff, May 15, 2016

I'm sure it's one of those questions that you probably canthe answer but in one of the books thorn talks about how 1 final sleeping beast will decide everything if it wakes up was her referring to the Dracos or is there something else? If something else what is it? Lol.

Stephen, April 24, 2016

    Which book? With Thorn, that could be a reference to one of three people, depending on whose head he's messing with and if it was in DH or CON.

    Carl, MB Staff, April 25, 2016

Does Thorn have a book?

leena, September 8, 2015

    He will have a trilogy called Deadman's Cross.

    Carl, MB Staff, September 9, 2015


Christopher, August 30, 2015

I can't wait for Deadman's cross to come out! Will it be focus on Thron as the hero or will it be about someone else?

vvravin, April 30, 2015

    He will be one of the main characters. The captain of the ship is Devlyn Bane.

    MB_Staff, May 1, 2015

I am so ready for Thorn to have his own book and can't wait to discover whom Thorn made a promise to and what that promise was. Love all your books and characters, even though I want to hurt some of them, Kenyon!

Harena Sulejmanovic, January 26, 2015