Dark Places

Black Hat Society™, Black Swan Society, Dark-Hunters®, Entire Dark-Hunters®/Hunter Legends Series, Hellchasers™, Sisters of The Cauldron™, The Dollmakers™, Unrelated, Witch of Endor™

Original Publication Date: December 28, 2021

“A deliciously creepy collection of spine tingling tales! Kenyon sure knows how to give you the creeps!!!” – ARC Reviewer 

Eager fans have been clamoring for an all-in-one collection of #1 bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon’s hard-to-find short stories. At their enthusiastic behest, we have delivered this brand-new short story collection that includes stories from long out-of-print works and stories that appeared in several Horror Writers of America short story anthologies.

In this collection, Sherrilyn Kenyon takes readers from the Dark-Hunters to witches to demons, and everything in between as she explores the darkest parts of human nature. Dangerous and exciting, each story is one thrill ride after the next, proving time and again how Sherrilyn has captivated millions of readers worldwide. Now, readers are invited to go deep into Kenyon’s rich and imaginative mind and experience the heart-racing moments that never stop coming!

Included stories:

A Day In The Life

Hell Hath No Fury



The Neighbors

Toil & Trouble

Devil’s In The Details



The hero

  I would say I like to crochet, but that implies a soft side which I lack grotesquely. The best thing to say is that I'm the biggest disappointment my father has ever known- which is really good for you humans. The... entity had great plans for me. Too bad. I'm no one's bitch. I don't come on command and I don't fetch. What I do is kick the culo loco of anyone who gets near me showing anything other than utmost respect and...
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Witch of Endor

The heroine

To call her unconventional is such an understatement that most would go straight for the word crazy, except for the fact that to do so would be the most insane (and suicidal) thing anyone could do. Therefore most just call her eccentric and eclectic. And if you're really lucky, you can call her friend. But whatever you do, you never want to make her an enemy. She's older than time and more dangerous than anyone can guess.
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