"Had I been at Troy when they left the horse behind, there would have been roasted Greek on the beach that day."


The son of a Roman Senator, Valerius became a Roman general by age 22. He led conquests throughout Greece, Gaul and Britannia. For a most obvious reason, he doesn’t play well with most Dark-Hunters and it is imperative we keep him far away from Kyrian, Kell, Zarek and Zoe.

Val is truly ostracized from the rest of his brethren. Retta has tried from time to time to bring him more into the DH circle, but the older Dark-Hunters refuse to forgive him for his past crimes.

No one knows what brought him into our circle.


Are we going to see Valerius and Tabby appear again in any of the upcoming books?

Yes, they will definitely be back in many, many more books,

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Hear it from the Fans

@DJ Remember that Valerius only sliced his head off, but Tabitha really killed him

Christopher, August 3, 2015

OK ... I though Dark Hunters cant kill other Dark Hunters and then my favorite roman slice head of possessed Dark Hunter and still live .

DJ, November 12, 2013

I love you second after your brother Zarek. I am so sorry that I can't love you more but Tabby is with you forever! I love you guys so much and Seize the Night is definitely my most favorite book so far :))

Len, October 8, 2013

Doesn't anyone find it funny that Valerius ends up with Tabita when Kiryan is with her twin Amanda? I just love ironies... :P

AlyBeth, September 27, 2013

"Intriguing wardrobe"? Pfffft! That's gotta be the biggest understatement ever. I'm still drooling. *realizes that Valerius might read this* Oh shite. Uh, Acheron? Zarek? Nick? Help?

Alex, July 22, 2013

Thank you everyone for showing your support to my husband, he does make it easy to be his wife *grins* I play Tabby on Facebook, and find living the life of Tabby exciting… when you have the perfect person playing Val it makes it even more fun. Thank you Carl for your comment dated October 15 2012, we love to play out the characters’ lives after the books…

Tabitha Magnus, May 3, 2013