"I only love two people in this world and you're not one of them. "


Savitar is an interesting… something. No one, not even Acheron, is exactly sure what or who he is. The man likes to be a vague myth. But his calm exterior belies the turmoil beneath. He can be volatile and deadly. Some say he was born human while others deny there’s anything human about him at all. He is dangerous and mysterious. Truly he is a being unto himself. More powerful than Zeus, more wise than Solomon, he keeps his own company and prefers it that way. His most noted feature is that he has a large number of tattoos on his body.

Maybe one day we’ll actually know something more about him… maybe.

Savitar makes his first appearance in Sins of the Night.

From Savitar's Blog

November 02, 2013

Halloween, my surfboard

I’ve always known there was a good reason why I didn’t bother with human holidays. How I let the Grom talk me into going to Sanctuary for their annual party, I’ll never know. But like an idiot, I went. At first it wasn’t...

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Will Savitar ever have a book?

Oh yeah and it's a doozie. He's a man of a lot of secrets and a lot of back history...

But we have to wait for it. Sorry.

Is there something between Apollymi and Savitar?

Yes. It's called hatred and it has to do with a mistake Savitar made centuries ago. One he's very sorry for, but she won't ever forgive him. And he can't blame her. Some things sorry doesn't fix.

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Hear it from the Fans

Who are the two people he loves anyway?

Marie, July 6, 2015

Savitar is definitely not Verlyn because Noir corrupted Verlyn and has him locked up. Which we know because of set's book

Isabelle Clark, June 5, 2015

I know most of the major gods have been either guessed or revealed at this point, however Ra is still unaccounted for. Could Savitar be Ra?

Nathan, May 28, 2015

your books are awsome

jajaun, May 22, 2015

Okay. From what I've read, he is more than a Chthonian, has primal powers, and "makes order from chaos and chaos from order". His powers are greater than Apollymi (and we all know who she ACTUALLY is... Braith). He's not any of the other primal source gods either. The only thing is he has foreknowledge but not as powerful as Ash or Nick. I think he may be closer related to the primal powers. As for what he did centuries ago, I don't think it relates to Ash, or the Primus Bellum. That was millennium ago. Although centuries ago, humans knew about the Malachai and were prepared for it (via Menyara).

Anna, May 15, 2015

I absolutely love this series. SK is an amazing writer. Savitar's character is so mysterious. Can't wait to see who he falls in love with. Yes, I am hoping it's with Apollymi because their interactions with each other are funny and highly entertaining.

Meda, April 16, 2015

So whats up with Sav and Zebulon???

Slick, April 1, 2015

Is Savitar Verlyn? Verlyn was suppose to protect the world but left it behind unprotected. Maybe this is as a result of his family being killed? It would explain the hatred between him and Apollymi - also how well they seem to know and may be even respect each other? It would also explain why Savitar took an interest in Ash when he came in to his God powers.

Kelly, March 6, 2015