"I only love two people in this world and you're not one of them. "


Savitar is an interesting… something. No one, not even Acheron, is exactly sure what or who he is. The man likes to be a vague myth. But his calm exterior belies the turmoil beneath. He can be volatile and deadly. Some say he was born human while others deny there’s anything human about him at all. He is dangerous and mysterious. Truly he is a being unto himself. More powerful than Zeus, more wise than Solomon, he keeps his own company and prefers it that way. His most noted feature is that he has a large number of tattoos on his body.

Maybe one day we’ll actually know something more about him… maybe.

Savitar makes his first appearance in Sins of the Night.

From Savitar's Blog

November 02, 2013

Halloween, my surfboard

I’ve always known there was a good reason why I didn’t bother with human holidays. How I let the Grom talk me into going to Sanctuary for their annual party, I’ll never know. But like an idiot, I went. At first it wasn’t...

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Will Savitar ever have a book?

Oh yeah and it's a doozie. He's a man of a lot of secrets and a lot of back history...

But we have to wait for it. Sorry.

Is there something between Apollymi and Savitar?

Yes. It's called hatred and it has to do with a mistake Savitar made centuries ago. One he's very sorry for, but she won't ever forgive him. And he can't blame her. Some things sorry doesn't fix.

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Hear it from the Fans

I would love to see a story for Savitar. Being a God Killer he has to have an interesting story.

Victoria Rabon, December 22, 2016

Kissare? Monakribos? Ash has anotner sister(not Ryssa)? Cam? Where sus these characters appeard? What did I miss? ? PLEASE EXPLIAN!!!! OMG

Katalina, August 28, 2016

    No. Ash doesn't have another sister.

    Carl, MB Staff, September 2, 2016

on that same note, I wanted to clarify that I had personally never heard of the word or term 'Cthonic/Cthonian' before and was simply curious as to if the word actually was a word and/or term. When I looked it up I read several articles that discussed that term and was simply curious ... those articles detailed ancient Greek deities of the underworld and the literal translation of the word. As with Greek Mythology, I was intrigued and read about it.

Heather, August 25, 2016

    It's a Victorian word that was coined for the Greek gods of the underworld (Hades, Persephone, etc). The word means "of the world" or "below the world" so Sherri used the word for the race/mythology she created for the Dark-Hunter books.

    Carl, MB Staff, September 2, 2016

are the Cthonians inspired by the Chthonic myth of old? i was curious and reading some historical writings and read the word 'Chthonic' and was curious and figured I'd ask...

heather, August 14, 2016

    There is no "chthonic myth of old." Chthonic is a Victorian word that was coined to describe the Greek gods of the Underworld during the Classical revival of that age and was used only for the Greek gods of "Hades." Its root is from the Greek word "χθών" which means "to dwell below the ground." All the mythology, language and such that exists in Sherri's books was made up by Sherri. She used the word because she liked it and it was a good fit for the race she made up.

    Carl, MB Staff, August 22, 2016

I love this series! it inspires me! happyish ending for people who are imperfect! they give me hope!. I know its probably stupid but i hope savitar gets his story! he deserves a nice and witty human to keep him on his toes!

Robyn Parker, July 16, 2016

OMG that blog post, lol Styxx is a savage

Alex, July 14, 2016

Savitar is a man very unusual but great at the time! With a personality of kicking asses "I am king of the world" (well founded) which I think can be exasperating as appealing, it is a person that I always take a lot of laughter with each occurrence at the same time that makes me invent a lot of hypothesis about him, I am sure that when the workbook is published to talk about him, the wait will be worth it. By that this man is crazy! And I would love to know more about him XD

Devany, July 5, 2016

I got a feeling, Sav is Kissare, the father of Monakribos, he couldv'e failed Apollymi by failing to save their son

Gid, June 27, 2016

Think Sav is Apollymi' son inlaw. Ash' power is going to be needed to save his sister. Just a thought.

Mel, June 25, 2016

idk why i feel that savitar is Cam's son

tamira, May 28, 2016