"Moderation in all things, except my anger."

The son of Zeus and Leto, Apollo is the twin brother of Artemis who delivered him herself. He’s the god of music, prophecy, and most importantly, plagues. Centuries ago, he made a bet with Zeus that he could create a race superior to mankind. With his own blood, he made the Apollites and gave them the gift of psychic powers. Taller and stronger than humans, they were to replace us and thereby allowing Apollo to replace Zeus. Furious, Zeus declared war on the Apollites and they were driven to live on Atlantis.

The humans, fearful of Apollo’s plot and the strength of the Atlantean race, offered up the most beautiful maiden among them to be Apollo’s mistress. Ryssa. Apollo was instantly in love and doted on her constantly. But that didn’t go over well with the Apollite queen. Jealous and angry, she sent out a war party to kill Ryssa and the newborn son she’d conceived...

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Hear it from the Fans

Was he born before, during or after the Primus Bellum? I'm a bit OCD and would love to make a timeline for myself :D

Mikael, June 13, 2016

    After it ends.

    Carl, MB Staff, June 14, 2016

this is one character that i cnt stand hes hurt a lot of people ash, styxx and stryker being only 3 of them

sam, November 6, 2015