"Patience is a virtue, but so is a strong sword arm."

Julian was born the son of a legendary Spartan commander. Reared in the manner of his Spartan brethren, he knew no love of any kind. His childhood was harsh and unforgiving. As a man, he fought his way to the top and became the most feared Macedonian general of his time. He was the commander who trained Kyrian of Thrace and once Kyrian attained his own command status, the two of them cut a trail of slaughter through the Mediterranean and nearly brought Rome to her knees.

Unfortunately, an act of brutal betrayal brought Julian into direct conflict with the Greek gods and caused him to be cursed into a scroll that was later bound into a book. For the rest of eternity, he is a sex slave whose only goal is to satisfy his summoner for the course of a month.

By the way, he’s very good at what he does…

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Hear it from the Fans

Fantasy Lover was the first I read from Sherrilyn Kenyon. I read that book atleast five times. wore it out to the point that I had to replace it. To this day it's my favorite. You are Awesome Sherrilyn Kenyon!

D.Lee, February 27, 2015

Loved his book. Wish meeting a guy was really that easy. His job is keeping Grace happy....in Wren's book wasn't he one of Maggie's teachers at the college she went to?

Ashley, October 29, 2014

First book, first love... first everything! Until I knew the reading order XD Julian has no equal in this world for me! Sherri you are the best! Thanks god for your imaginary friends and for you talent! Love from Venezuela!

Yessenia, September 24, 2014

Love this character hes sweet sexy and so much more loved the book! best book ever!

Monica, March 27, 2014

Are we ever going to get a book on Julian and Grace's kids? Surely Vanessa and Neco will be old enough at some point to have their own love story and it'd be great if you wrote it for all of the fans out there

Tiago, February 5, 2014

    Yes, but they're still children right now and way too young for their own books.

    MB_Staff, February 11, 2014

What are the extent of Julians powers being a demigod / oracle and does he use them often or keeps to himself and family helping his DH friends when he is needed? If he and Grace are immortal so obviously his kids are as well....will they have any "powers" of their own??

Kirrily, November 17, 2013

Does anyone know if Julian will become immortal like Kyrian. It just doesn't make sense that he wouldn't. Everyone else is and I am sure that Aphrodite could do this now.

PhoenixFyre, October 19, 2013

    Julian has always been immortal, as is Grace. It's stated in several books.

    MB_Staff, October 21, 2013

My first Kenyon book that I picked up in 2008. Since then I haven't missed a single publication within the Hunter-verse. Hope they can cast Ian Somerhalder as Julian at some point :D

Jade, September 5, 2013

as always fascinated with these sherrilyn book but very intrigued me happens to priapus or Priapus?

romina, July 18, 2013

this was my first book from Sherrilyn Kenyon and i absolutely loved it... i literally could not put it down. i first baught it on my phone on google play but seeing that i couldnt put it down i had to buy the book because when i am at work i couldnt have my phone out like that so you know i loved it to buy it twice... love love love julian and grace... kept me smiling and laughing... funny because the models that i see for them are EXACTLY the way i pictured them in my mind... crazy... but i loved it

Natasha, May 7, 2013