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Where Angels Fear To Tread

Deadmen Walking, Dark-Hunter: Deadman's Cross

Death Doesn't Bargain, Dark-Hunter: Deadman's Cross

At Death's Door, Dark-Hunter: Deadman's Cross

Daemon's Angel

Bad Moon Rising (19)
(E-Book Available)

The Guardian (22)
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Will Thorn ever have a book?

He is one of the key components in Dark-Hunter: Deadman's...More


Will we be seeing more of Zeke and Ravenna?

We will. Ravenna will be appearing in the Deadman's Cross books. And Zeke will definitely be in future books.


Will the Hellchasers have their own series?

The full length Hellchaser novels will be Dark-Hunter: Deadman's Cross. A trilogy from TOR. Make sure you don't miss...More