"Better a killer than a victim."

One of six children, Vane holds a dangerous secret that would get him killed if his pack ever learned it. He was born of a forbidden union and has spent his life trying to protect his siblings who were never fully accepted by their patria. He is fully aware of the fact that every minute he lives will most likely be his last.

Hunted by the Arcadians and condemned by the Katagaria, Vane is resolute in his protection of Fang and Anya. He is a merciless soldier who refuses to let anyone inside his wounded heart. He learned a long time ago to reject the world before it rejects him.

Funny how one unexpected night changed everything…

The Kattalakis Litter is:


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Hear it from the Fans

This is the second one that I read of her books. So many scenes hit like fire. Who can forget the intro of him coming up on his bike and standing up to the ex. Yes like so many have said the dressing room scene is amazing. ALso the fact that Bride is plus sized helps me relate thought I have to say Sherrilyn will always be a favoriet author

Krista, March 25, 2014

aw gawd I wish I could meet him in real life~!!

Andy, January 27, 2014

Thank you for your bad Were boys, I do love them, Fang has the best sarcastic humour ever, Fury's not far behind him, and poor Vane has to balance them all out. Absolutly love getting lost in your books.

TLC, January 2, 2014