"To accept a favor is to sell one's freedom. Especially when gods are involved."

The last of the original Oneroi counsel, Madoc watches over both the Oneroi and the Skoti. When a Skoti or Dream-Hunter steps over the line, they answer to him.

He is quick to issue orders, but seldom takes them.

M’Adoc is the Oneroi of last resort. When he comes after you, you know you’re going to pay. He also takes the jobs no one else wants to do.

The current Oneroi Leadership is:


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Hear it from the Fans

why aren't all questions posted? will Ms. kenyon ever have a fan blog for people to ask and discuss questions. the site is incredible but the fan questions don't appear to be synchronous..why is that? if putting fan questions is an issue, why not just have a monitored fan blog... say if there are spoilers insist that people post 'spoiler alert' or else they won't be allowed to post or have some sort of warning or rules or something... it's fun to read the fan posts but only some are posted ... i like reading what other readers conclude or read what they think; it reminds me of my english courses in college and how the best classes held discussions... i mean the site moderator doesn't have to comment or agree; sure it's nice to hear from those in the know but it's also cool to read what other readers think... different perspectives are good for insight. i don't really understand why only a few questions are asked--sorta like FAQs, which are different than discussions. i get this site is serious upkeep but why not have a link to a 'character blog'? not trying to be negative or a downer, just curious as to why ... i mean i put my email address and questions in, click on the 'i'm not a robot', type in my name and email but i've never had anything posted or answered and that's fine but well, why have the question area if you can't ask your question. and yes i understand that there are may thousands of fans that ask; however there are blogs that have many thousands of people that are interested in the idea of something... will there be a blog or something like that in the future and is there any news about this new site or that is happening? just curious...

anon, August 11, 2016

    I don't see your email listed under any of the questions. The purpose of this is not to be a discussion area, but a place for fans to ask questions and have them answered. We answer the ones we know and then put in an email to Sherri for the ones we don't. The only ones we don't answer are the ones that would be spoilers and aren't in the books yet. We do have a backlog of questions as we've been out of town for events and we get thousands of posts a day. Right now, there are over 2000 pending questions with over 22,000 answered. So it sometimes takes us awhile to get to some of them.

    Carl, MB Staff, August 11, 2016

Is he going to play a bigger part in the series soon? Or is Ms. Kenyon saving that for Nick's final DH book?

marie, May 6, 2016

Wait is he nick other

denton, April 1, 2016

How come it says his name is M'Adoc, but over in the stats, on the right, it says his name is Adarian? I'm really confused about that. Also, how do you pronounce "M'Adoc"?

Windi, August 7, 2015

    It's explained in the books. We try not to put spoilers on the site. There is a reason for it. It's pronounced without the hyphen Madoc. Mad-dock.

    Carl, MB Staff, August 7, 2015

Marie, Braith's son was Monakribos, the First Malachai. As Apollymi she is the mother of Acheron. Adarian is the father of both Nick and M'Adoc. They are related through Bloodline only. What I mean is that Monakribos and Acheron would have been brothers.

PhoenixFyre, April 21, 2015