"I’m actually quite pleasant until I’m awake. Then I'm deadly."


The missing sister of Noir and Azura. No one is sure what happened to her, but if they can locate her, they will have the power to take down all pantheons and split the world between them. It’s a quest they’re willing to kill for.

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Hear it from the Fans

Zenobi is another name for tiamat? if so, in the family tree, there is Chaos and Zenobi, so Zenobi cant be Tiamat. Im so confused

abs, May 23, 2016

    If you've read world mythology the concepts should be extremely familiar. Chaos goes by many names depending on the culture that writes about it--and they all do. The gods themselves and their stories are the same, they just change their names. Diana and Artemis are the same. Mars and Ares. Even the heroes. Hercules is Herakles. Odysseus is Ulysses. The Norns and the Fates are very similar and share roles with the Morrigan. Sherri uses this in her series and shows how the gods can cross cultures and be embraced by more than one group. She even explains this in several book with several characters such as Menyara, in great detail. They're still the same "person" but each culture makes them their own. So to the Atlanteans she is called by one name to the Sumerians and Greeks she would be known by another. It's the difference between Clark Kent and Superman. It's still one person, but different groups see different sides of the one character.

    Carl, MB Staff, May 23, 2016

Can the Source Gods be reborn? Bathymaas was born of the Source (of Rubati's body actually) and yet she was reborn. It would explain the Braith/Apollymi issue as well as Rezar/Set and Cam/Ma'at. If so, why did some of them changed their names and stories and others didn't, like Noir and Azura?

Are, May 16, 2016

    Noir isn't his real name. It's Kadar. He's much older than the French or Frankish. It's not that they were reborn as that the old gods went by many names. That's true of any old mythology. Set was also known as Seth, Setekh, Sut, Sutekh, Sety. Osiris was also Asir. Apollo was also Apollon, Akesios and Karneios among others. Their stories don't change, you get more "facts" from different people so you're learning the full story of someone who has lived millions of years as the books go on. And as with "real" people, some folks lie about them, others only tell part of the story and you only get the parts of their story as it pertains to the story they're currently in.

    Carl, MB Staff, May 16, 2016

Okay personally I can't decide if Braith is Appolymi because the parents of Braith are Tiamat and Cronus. While they say that Apollymi's mother is a wind on Katoteros.

Davis, May 6, 2016

    You are being too literal. Think of what Tiamat and Chronus are. Chronus and Cronus aren't the same god, BTW. They are different entities in Greek mythology. Tiamat is primordial chaos.

    Carl, MB Staff, May 6, 2016

I think of all characters I can relate ..and I would love to know more of Monakribos and the history if the MalacaTehai and Braith. She needs her own book...

Renee, March 31, 2016

There are 2 things i would like to know. If Braith is the mother of the first Malachi (who's name i can't remember but its starts with an M) A. why dose it say on Azura's page that she is the mother of Malachi? and B. Who was the daddy? and will we hear about him? I hope its Jaden. (will go nicely with the fan fiction that i want to write)

Julie, March 28, 2016

    The Malachai isn't one being. At one time, there was an entire army of them. This is all explained in the book. Malachai is singular and plural and it depends on which one you're talking about. As for Braith's son, Monakribos, his father was Kissare, a Sephiroth.

    Carl, MB Staff, March 29, 2016

i think she is appolymi

alisha, July 29, 2015

Appolymi is Braith ... confirmed in Time Untime ...

Demetrius Johnson, July 28, 2015

Does anyone now on which pages in the Nick series that they talk about the primal gods, mostly Braith, because i've just read them and i don't remember,

Lucas, June 22, 2015

Spoiler alert to those who keep asking and are confused. In Instinct you read that Menyara who is the goddess Maat also turned out to be Cam. The primal goddess Braith also has another Identity within the Atlantean pantheon.

Christopher Reyes, May 21, 2015