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Original Publication Date: January 01, 2007

Setting: Modern New Orleans

This was originally done as a special thank you to readers for all the great years and was available only as a digital download. It’s a small story about Nick’s homecoming to New Orleans after his mother’s death and after Katrina.

I knew from the beginning what was going to happen to Nick. I wanted the reader to see the birth of a Dark-Hunter, only to have it with a twist. And even though I knew what was going to happen, I still cried when I wrote the scene.

The story will be in print for the first time in the anthology Dark Bites that contains all of Sherri’s novellas that she’s written for St. Martin’s.

You can also purchase the audiobook for .99 here


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The Hero: Nick (Squire)

I'm what most people call poor white trash. My father was a career felon, my mother a stripper. I grew up in the back rooms of the strip club where she worked, helping the bouncers hustle clients. I was in and out of trouble a lot as a kid and we won't talk about how thick my juvenile record is. Thank God, they seal those things. Anyway, I took the wrong turn down the right road one night when my "friends" decided to do something I knew I...

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  • Artemis

  • Nick DH (Spoiler Alert)

  • Ambrose (Contains Spoilers)

  • Acheron

  • Kyrian

  • Madoc

  • Marissa

  • Menyara

  • NJ

  • Simi

  • Stryker

  • Valerius

  • Vane

  • Zeus

  • Amanda Hunter

  • Bride

  • Cherise

  • Grace

  • Julian

  • Kyl Poitiers (Dark-Hunter)

  • Tabitha

  • Apollymi

  • (A)SK Sherrilyn

The Story Behind The Story

After Hurricane Katrina hit, Sherri's fans turned out in droves to donate to victims. Many of them made donations to the Red Cross in the name of Nick Gautier who takes his last name from Gautier, MS which was in the path of the hurricane too.

Sherri and her family sent boxes of toys, clothes, books food, and money to help out during the aftermath of Katrina. Since then, she continues to donate and sent boxes of autographed books to the New Orleans libraries.

New Orleans and Southern Mississippi continue to recover from the storm.

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Hear it from the Fans

I think Nick might be able to forgive Ash if everyone didn't act like everything's okay his best friend condemned him to death over something that wasn't his fault and his god mothers been keeping him in the dark about his true nature everyone just keeps lying to him I'd be bitter and paranoid too.

unknown, July 28, 2013

I have tried purchasing this book "Fear the Darkness" however I am having trouble finding it, can you please suggest an online store as I am in Australia?

Liz Bell, July 11, 2013

    It was never released for purchase. It was a free online story offered by Sherri's publisher. It will appear in print for the first time in the upcoming anthology Dark Bites that has all of Sherri's St. Martin's novellas.

    MB_Staff, July 12, 2013

Have been trying to find Fear The Darkness in Paper back. It is the Dark-Hunter book I can't find

Donna Jo, August 10, 2012

Hi, Will there be a book about Nick and what becomes of him as I do recall him going to see Artemis. Thanks Arlene

Arlene, July 11, 2012

The book can be downloaded in adobe from your email when you give it in the Sanctuary website.

Nasif Quadir, June 25, 2012

i cannot find the Fear The Darkness i try to get it off the wed site but i cannot get it and i have read Acheron and i still cannot find it what do i do? plz get back to me ASAP

JP CAT, February 26, 2012

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