"Kill them all and let Odin sort them out."

Wulf is a Viking warrior whose recklessness brought him into contact with Morginne, a powerful Dark-Huntress. She tricked him into trading souls with her.

He is the only Dark-Hunter who was never granted an Act of Vengeance. And since he was wrongfully brought over by another Dark-Hunter, his powers are very different from the rest of his brethren. The most curious power of all, is that of amnesia. No human or animal is capable of remembering him five minutes after they leave his presence. The only exceptions to that are those who bear the blood of his original Squire.

Since the only out-clause for a Dark-Hunter is the love of a human, and no human is capable of remembering him (and by the Code of a Dark-Hunter, no Hunter can be physically or romantically involved with his Squire), Wulf, alone, is doomed to an eternity of Hunting.

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Hear it from the Fans

I like the book, I like the character the Wulf, I like all emotion in the history. I recommend this book. I wish dream with this character. I like the passion the him and Cassandra.

Maria wade, October 22, 2014

I like this character. I reading the book, kiss of the night, in Spanish. I like very much. I like, the both, Wulff for defending the human but special a my bella Cassandra. All history . I like. Thank you . Sherrily Kenyon.

MARIA WADE, October 21, 2014

hello I want to know What do Wulf now that he no longer hunts daimons ? What are these occupations ? Does it help the hunter friends

Christel, January 13, 2014

Went back last night and reread parts of Kiss of the Nights - and you know which parts ;) It has been years since I first read Wulf's story, and fell in lust with him all over again. He is truly one of my favorites and I compliment the author on how well is character is developed in the space of one novel.

Jezebel, July 29, 2013

how old are Wulfs and Cassies children???

schmoity, April 25, 2013