"Only trust people you love... so love no one."

Velkan was the illegitimate son of a Hungarian princess and a Moldavian prince who like the infamous Vlad Dracul was a member of the Order of the Dragon. Velkan grew up at his father’s side, fighting invaders.

His brothers were captured and enslaved by their enemies when he was thirteen and it was rumored that Velkan (who was believed to be a sorcerer) had been taken too, but rather than be turned into a slave, he sold his soul to the devil for freedom. He vowed that no one would ever enslave or tame him. At age 15, he fought and freed his one brother who still lived.

At 26, he captured a band of invaders who had attacked and ransacked a group of nuns on their way to Trigoviste. There in their midst, he found a novice they had captured who they had intended to rape and kill. She was from Wallachia and was none other than the daughter of Vlad Dracul, one of his father’s most...

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Hear it from the Fans

No, They convined their vital forces, so when he died, she died with him. And when he returned as a Dark Hunter, she returned with him being inmortal too, but she's still a Human, but inmortal.

Lena, July 7, 2014

Loved their story. I hope we get to see more of him and Esperetta. One question though did his wife give her soul to Artie as well?

Chamaine, September 11, 2013