"Neither a bully nor victim be."


Kody’s loyalties are to Nick’s mortal enemies. She will do anything to free them, even kill Nick. But the more she comes to know him, the less like an enemy he seems. He’s funny, a little goofy, and one of the most caring people she’s ever known.

How can he go evil?

Yet she knows he can’t help himself. It’s what he was bred for.

She keeps telling herself that loyalty and duty and honor must come first. She must stay focused on her duties…

If only Nick didn’t mean so much to her.

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Hear it from the Fans

Reading 'Invision' right now and in the very last line of chapter 3, Caleb calls Kody "Nyria". Is that her real name, or does it mean something else?

Windi, July 21, 2016

    Nyria is her real name.

    Carl, MB Staff, July 27, 2016