"Personally, I love cowards . . . they taste like chicken."

Abandoned just hours after his birth, Cade grew up as an orphan in a small cloistered monastery in Powys, Wales, at a time when his people were embroiled in a bitter and ongoing war with neighboring Mercians for their borders.

As a young teen, the oblate was drafted into the war when the king’s army invaded his monastery. Thrust into battle with no training, he quickly learned that he had an unholy gift for war. Embraced by the king, but mocked by his court, Cade kept to himself until the day his brother, Thorn, appeared and offered him a new cause to fight for. Humanity.

Cadegan quickly learned who and what he really was . . .

Why he was such an effective killer on the battlefield.

But happiness wasn’t meant for him. Betrayed by the only one he’d ever trusted–  his own brother, Cade was locked in the world behind the veil, a world without color,...

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Hear it from the Fans


JOHN, December 18, 2015

    Yes, Cadegan is part of both the LOA and DH worlds. Avery is the merlin for another object, not the SOD.

    Carl, MB Staff, December 18, 2015

Carl, how does one purchase the 2014 collector cards? I've looked for them in the merchandise and cannot find them. HELP!!!! I want to buy them!!!

Stephanie Jenkins, September 24, 2015

    They are given out at events. Some are included in the autographed collector boxed edition of the books from Premiere Collectibles and VJ books sometimes has them.

    Carl, MB Staff, September 25, 2015

What does Cadegan look like in demon form

unknown, July 29, 2015

    A dragon.

    Carl, MB Staff, August 5, 2015

So many revelations. It's nice to read about the other characters especially Styxx, Thorn, Ash, and of course Simi. She really did grow wiser into a "new adult". The story is a bit fast paced. I'm a bit hungry for more. I wanna read something about Thorn. :D

Dawn, July 10, 2015

Since Cadegan is the protector of the Shield of Dagda, is there a chance he is a Grail Knight?

Stephanie, April 7, 2015

Lmfao, cade's pet is illarion? I get the feeling dragon boy would take a bite out of anyone who called him their PET! Then again, I don't think i'd mind if he took a lil nip outa me!

alicia, December 6, 2014

I totally agree with Swarlos. I am totally addicted and need more. I love hearing about past characters and what they've been up to. Especially Styxx, Bethany, Ash, Tory, and Simi. Plus, Vane, Fang, Fury, and Wren and Maggie... Oh what the heck, I love them all.

Marie, September 14, 2014

Cad is gorgeous

Nicole, September 12, 2014

Looks like Katatraos, is beginning to come to life, the palaces are filling kind of quick, I know Acheron is real Happy about that !!!!

suzette Henderson, September 8, 2014

**spoilers** Cannot believe that thorn is his dad and noir is his great grandfather (gleamed from the bonus chapter) or the fact that he is capable of killing the malachai love this book not just for the fact that i got it a few days earlier than its meant to come out in the uk love the characters.

josh, August 31, 2014