"You can't buy love, but you pay dearly for it."

The first and original goddess of justice, Bathymaas was created to keep Set grounded and on the side he’s supposed to be on. Due to her justice duties, she believes herself incapable of feeling. Something that causes her to run afoul of several gods, including Leto who can’t forgive her for not punishing Hera for Hera’s curse against her and her children. But when a bitter, ruthless betrayal costs her everything, Bathymaas becomes humanity’s and the gods’ worst nightmare.

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Hear it from the Fans

When i read the story The House Of the Rising Son i fell in love with Bathymaas and with Aricles, it made me cry when the story ended. I loved the story though...

Morgan, May 19, 2016

is it just me, but does everyone think of Caleb as their pet.

Greta, September 16, 2014

Loved the book Styxx and all the Dark Hunter Books!!!! I cannot never put them down I need to keep reading.

Kristie Zuleger, May 3, 2014

Bathymaas only was ever with articles. How does kody know her father then? He was killed before she ever gave birth. And she had to be reborn. So no time for her to be with anyone else.

johnboy, May 1, 2014

    It's in Styxx.

    MB_Staff, May 1, 2014

Lets assume Belam is Bathymaas's daughter as opposed to Bethany's which explains why her powers are light and not dark wouldn't her main priority be to find her daughter not have another son

unknown, December 19, 2013

Spoiler - why do I have sneaking suspicion your Cam? Considering she seems to be on the same level or made to balance Set/Rezar.

Sara, November 2, 2013

When they talk about the first war do they mean the Chtonian war or the primus bellum were they one and the same

unknown, October 26, 2013

    They're not the same war. First War is the war of the gods. Primus Bellum.

    MB_Staff, January 19, 2014

BLOOPER ALERT!! On disc #24:(the last half of)track #6,(or DATE: Dec 23 2012) in the audio. I know it's hard to connect so many details, from so many different books.. Boy!!! The Edit, Copy, Edit Paste, on her computer icon buttons must be broken by now... seriously!! HOWEVER... Bethany, Bathymaas, Bet'anya's hair has ALWAYS BEEN DARK... NOT BLOND. RIGHT? Aara's hair IS blonde, w/ blue eyes... So was Xerxes. So, how can Bethany's hair be lighter than theirs, or Aara's. I've played it, & replayed it... And, no matter which way you hear it... it's off. Sorry. Also, what did Savi mean when he said to Styxx on DISC 23: in the beginning half of T:2 (or Dec 23, 2012) in the desert... "...had that hit him, it that would've counted"...? Counted for what? Is it because, Cthonians are never supposed to fight again, w/o consequences... Sin & Kat's book, Wulf & Cass, & also in Sundown's story. Or is it something personal to Sav?

WarriorLily, October 19, 2013

    Sherri knows the details of her characters. ALL Of them. Bethany is Egyptian and not Caucasian. It's not something Sherri forgot. Possibly the reader misread it. Sherri doesn't copy and paste. She wrote Styxx without looking at anything. She knows her characters to a scary level. Quiz her sometime. At no point ever is Bethany called or described as blond and she doesn't have the same parents as Bathymaas. Maybe you heard "she" and assumed it to be Bethany when it was another character they were describing. However, there are a number of blonds in that chapter. Kat. Apollymi, Xirena, Zephyra, Epithymia and Leto. In fact, the ONLY time hair is described in that chapter is when it's URIAN's and HIS not hers, is said that it was lighter than Styxx's, it was the same color as Aara's and it's Bethany who's POV we're in so she definitely isn't describing her own hair. So listen again. It's Urian's hair that's being described, not Bethany's. As for the last one, it's a figure of speech that simply means had the bottle made contact with Savitar's skin, it would have hurt. Period. No higher meaning. Sav uses a lot of idioms.

    MB_Staff, October 21, 2013