Born of Legend (11), The League: Nemesis Rising
(E-Book Available)

Born of Vengeance (12), The League: Nemesis Rising
(E-Book Available)

Born of Trouble (13), The League: Nemesis Rising

Born of Darkness (14), The League: Nemesis Rising


More FAQs

How many books will The League Series have?

The League is not only the first series I started writing at age 8, it's also the one I began my career with. Like Dark-Hunter, I want it to be an ongoing series and to write them for a long time to come. There's no set number to the series.


Why is Born of Ice and In Other Worlds set in the future? Why did you go back in time with Born of Shadows?

The first three novels I ever published back in the early 1990's were Born of Night, Born of Fire and Born of Ice (Paradise City).  Unfortunately, I sold them to three different publishers. As a result of contract stipulations, I had to break them...More


Will Chayden have his own book?

If he doesn't die. In the case of Psycho Bunny, that is actually a legit fear. Face it. we never know what he's going to do.


Will Nero ever have a book?

I hope so. If he doesn't get killed off... Just kidding. We are building in that direction. Keep your eyes on the next few books . . .