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Nevermore & The Witch of Endor

It’s been a long fifteen years . . . for you guys. For me, it’s been much longer that I’ve been trying to get Nevermore into print. It’s so odd to me the paths my career has taken, and where it’s led me. But then again, that’s what happens when you don’t write to a single market. I’ve always prided myself on not writing what others write and on never following “trends.” I refuse to. I come from a long, long line of adventurers who boldly go where others fear.

I would much rather be judged for who I am, than for who I’m trying to be. I won’t let labels define me. I defy those tidy, little boxes they keep trying to put me into. And I’ve always said that I will forever be a first-rate version of myself rather than a second-rate version of someone else. It’s why in a school full of pastel Izods and flannel plaids, I was the sole child dressed black-on-black, with a chain wound ’round my big brother’s leather motorcycle jacket (and this was way back before anyone wore them for fashion), and silver duct tape over my worn-out combat boots. As my mother so often said, “Honey, you came into this world on your own terms, standing on your own two feet, and you’ve lived every day since that way. There ain’t no help for you!”

It’s true. I always have to go wherever my characters take me. They are exciting, and they’re why I do what I do. But since I now have the rights back from St. Martin’s for Nevermore, I’m finally able to make the first part of the trilogy available as a special holiday edition for all of you who have been so wonderfully patient while waiting all these years to read it. I just wish they’d have released the rights a lot sooner so that we could have gotten this story out there years ago as I originally wanted. But, oh well. Better late than never. And as a special bonus, I’ve included a revamped edition of one of my old short stories, The Witch of Endor — the story was originally published under the title, The Devil’s in the Details.

Way, way back in the day, The Witch was an early fan favorite and I wrote a whole series of short stories for her. In a weird way, she’s a prototype for Katra‘s character. And I’d originally included her in the Dark-Hunter short-stories, and had wanted her for the novels, but could never find a place where she really fit in with them, without it seeming like I was shoe-horning her in. I still hope to have her in them one day, though. She has always been one of my faves. 

And Josiah . . . at long last, I’m able to relaunch the 2005 site. If you haven’t stopped by it, make sure you visit to relearn the characters.  And I hope you’ll check back soon. I have lots of updates coming, including the new cover for Urian‘s book, Stygian, that hits the stands next September. You definitely don’t want to miss that one!