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Only Kat knows her origins and she’s not real big on sharing. A former handmaiden to Artemis, she now serves Apollymi whom she adores. She’s quick and deadly and lives to taunt any male she can find, especially Stryker. She has a soft spot for Simi and baby Eric. And she will fight to the death to protect anyone she loves.

There are those who believe she was born of the gods, but few are willing to question that. Some even claim she has powers stronger than Artemis. But again, only a fool would question it. One interesting tidbit is the tattoo she has on her stomach of a sun… some say it’s the mark of the Destroyer, others believe it’s the mark of Apostolos. Only Kat knows for sure and she’s not talking.

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Hear it from the Fans

when will we learn the name of her son??? please

alex, December 28, 2015

    We announced that a while back.

    Carl, MB Staff, December 30, 2015

Just wanna say the Katra is by far my favorite of all the female characters in the Dark Hunters books.

Joseph, September 29, 2015

why does it take so much longer for the DH profile pages to be updated as compared to the League profiles?

Alex, September 10, 2015

    Neither gets "updated" per se. The website is an intro for those unfamiliar with the series and we don't post spoilers on it. So the profiles are put on when characters are introduced and are only updated when characters appear in books, or are interviewed or blogged about. In that regard, the DH pages are updated more than any other as we have two DH books out a year.

    Carl, MB Staff, September 11, 2015

I'm rereading Devil May Cry, and can I take a moment to say hubba bubba? I so wanna be Kat!!!!

Edna, August 31, 2015

I love Katra as an character and I can relate to her with her family issues during Devil May Cry because I went through the same issues. I was wondering what is her son's name when he was introduced in Son of No One?? Love this book series!!!!

Danielle Brache, August 8, 2015

I soooo love this book especially when Kat and Sin spar.They are both so sarcastic ..(devil may cry)

Alena Teese, November 12, 2014

I think Abadonna means Granddaughter or Daughter of the harbringer

Zoey McGee, March 5, 2014

Love ya keep up your spirit <3 :)

Tylar, February 15, 2014

I think Abadonna means "Heart of the Destroyer"...if I remember right. ^^

Miranda, February 1, 2014