Arcadian Ursulan

Don't regret doing things. Regret getting caught.

Businessman and investment broker, Zar usually deals with Bill Laurens. Extremely refined, he’s very quick on a comeback. He also has very little patience for Serre or Etienne. He is also the identical twin to Bastien who was killed. It’s something that haunts him everyday of his life. He should have been there…

He will never let down another member of his family.

The Peltiers Are:

Papa Bear (Aubert)
Mama Lo (Nicolette)

Listed in birth order:

Cherif (Identical Quad/eldest)
Dev (Identical Quad)
Remi (Identical Quad)
Quinn (Identical Quad/youngest)
Griffe (Serre’s identical twin)
Serre (Griffe’s identical twin)
Cody (Kyle’s fraternal twin)
Kyle (Cody’s fraternal twin)