Wren (CON)

Tiger/Snow Leopard

The tiger lies low not from fear, but for aim.


Wren is a hybrid mix of a Snow Leopard mother and a White Tiger father. As a result, he can take either form at will. He was an abomination that should never have been allowed to be brought into the world. When his parents began to suspect his powers, his mother tried to kill him. No one is quite sure what happened to either of his parents after that. Many believe Wren killed them both.

Because of their brutality and extreme alpha natures, both the White Tiger and Snow Leopard branches of the Katagaria are all but extinct. Many believe Wren is the last of his kind on either side.

Half-dead, he was taken to Sanctuary when he was barely more than a cub. The bears took pity on him, but with every passing year as he grows older, they are becoming more and more aware of his powers and strength.

A complete loner, he is carefully watched by all the Peltiers who fear what he might be capable of. Even Wren is afraid of himself and of ever discovering the true ferocity that lays within his beast’s heart. For this reason, he has vowed to never mate and to stay far away from everyone.

His best friend is Marvin the monkey.