The Echrichta


The average man's judgment is so poor, he runs a risk every time he uses it.

The Atlantean version of the Furies, only these ladies are on steroids. They lived for no other purpose than to cause war and destruction everywhere they went. They are the children of Strife and Discord and the granddaughters of the god of War, Misos. The Atlantean gods would unleash them against the world whenever they wanted to cause conflict or war.

From Infamous:

“They’d go in and tell someone’s secrets and claim they’d heard them from someone else. Or they’d just make things up to break up friendships and homes. It was what they lived for. They’d go to humans and whisper in their ears, playing off their fears. Sometimes it was overt and other times it would be as subtle as saying, ‘Hey Nick, I saw Kody this afternoon when I left work early to go to the mall. Man, she’s looking really happy. And I really like her friend Tom. You could tell he was loaded. Expensive clothes. Rolex. You know the drill.’”

“How would that upset me?”

“Let’s say that Kody had told you she couldn’t be with you because she had to study.”

“Yeah, okay, I see where that would make me angry.”