Atlantean God of War and Death

Truth comes in the form of a 6 to 9 round burst.

The God of War and Death, he is the son of Fegkia and Chaos. His chief aids are Pali (strife) and Diafonia (discord) who are said to run about in battle and confuse and outrage soldiers and commanders to incite more bloodshed. During times of peace, they take on the form of humans in order to stir up mayhem and trouble between nations.

Misos’s violence was such that Archon banished him to the lower regions and made him ruler of the underworld where he lives with his wife Thnita (Mortality).

When a civilian dies, their daughter Zena is sent to lead them to the underworld. Soldiers are escorted by their son, Stratiotis. Children are given their own special guide, Paidi who is the youngest of their offspring. Paidi is said to take the form of a winged pony who rides the children to Telios (paradise) where they are given into the hands of adults who will love and nurture them until they can be reborn as mortals.

Their realm is guarded by the multi-headed dragon, Prostateva who was cursed by Apollymi when the woman claimed to be more beautiful than the queen of the gods. No living human can cross the path of Prostateva, any who try are eaten alive by her.