Nov 2014

SON OF NO ONE is an Amazon 2014 Best Book of the Year in Science Fiction & Fantasy!

Thank you fans and Amazon for making SON OF NO ONE a 2014 Best Book of the Year for Amazon in Science Fiction & Fantasy!


Sep 2014

Thank you, fans!

Son of No One is tearing up the lists! A huge and giant thank you to all the fans who have made it possible. Y’all rock!


Feb 2014


The free mobile app is now in stores and available for most platforms. It has fun character profiles, events, exclusive excerpts and all kinds of tidbits Click here to get yours today: m.mykenyon.mobi


Feb 2014

SK Google Play App

We’re still waiting to hear from the other stores, but for those who use Google Play, the SK app is now listed and available for downloading. We will update the App with the Feb and Mar character profiles once it’s listed in all the stores....Read More...


Sep 2013


The latest Dark-Hunter novel, Styxx has burned up the lists and has been adopted by the fans as an instant favorite and classic. We can’t think you enough for the praise and honors!


Sep 2012

Thank you, fans!

Thanks to all the wonderful DH fans and readers, Time Untime is spending its third week on the New York Times and has hit lists all over. You guys rock!


Apr 2012

GCSU Alumni Achievement Award

I wanted to take a minute and give a HUGE and resounding shout out to one of my old colleges. Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, GA (the school I was attending when I conceived and first started writing the Dark-Hunter series) has...Read More...


Apr 2012

CON Movie & DH TV Update

Hope you’re having a great Friday 13th. I’m fresh back from New York with an update on the movies- I know how eager all of you are for news.

First, I can’t tell you how excited I am. This is going to be E-P-I-C. We couldn’t be in better...Read More...


Mar 2012

Infamous is tearing up the charts!

A giant THANK YOU to all fans for your support. In the midst of all the movie tie-ins, Infamous has made a stellar landing at the top of the bestseller lists! And just think, by this time next year, we should be filming Infinity as a movie. Will post...Read More...


Nov 2011

The Guardian Tearing Up Lists

Thank you so much to all the fans! The Guardian is an instant bestseller and is steadily tearing up the lists. You guys rock!